In Maximo, there are two methods to relate work order records to each other. One is to use a parent/child relationship and the other is to use the related records method.

Parent/Child Relationships

A Parent/Child relationship is the most common method to interrelate Maximo work order records to each other. This method allows you to relate records in a way that all of the costs roll-up to the top-level parent. To use this method, you simply have to enter the parent work order number into the Parent field on the main screen of the work order. The parent can be the top-level work order or any work order in the hierarchy. So you can have a parent with children and each child can have children and so on. This is a great method to use for large jobs that may require several areas of the company to perform tasks that require being tracked as separate line items in the budget for the job. This is the difference between having each of these as tasks on the work order work plan versus creating child work orders for each task. Task work orders do not roll costs up to the parent. You can use task work orders to track task statuses, but if you really need each of the tasks to display its separate costs, plus roll those costs up to a top-level parent work order, you need to take advantage of a parent/child hierarchy. Using this method to see the overall costs is as easy as going to the Select Action menu and under the View submenu select Costs. You will see the costs for the individual work order currently displayed, plus the costs for the entire hierarchy rolled into a cost for the entire job.

Related Records

Related records is a way to associate work order records with each other but do not associate the costs. If you want to have work orders related to each other, but want them to remain as completely separate jobs within themselves, you can use this method. To use this method, you enter a work order number in the Originating Record field on the main screen of the work order. Then the related records can be viewed on the Related Records tab of the work order. In addition, if you are using the Service Request application to initiate requests for work then creating work orders from the service request, the service request ticket will show up in the Related Records tab of the work order.

Using these methods can help you track job costs, tasks and relationships within Maximo without having to develop custom reports to provide you with this information.